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Journalists have Connie on speed dial, as she has emerged as the go-to expert on issues ranging from leadership and communication to diversity and work-life balance. You’ve probably caught her appearances on The Today Show, CNN and NBC Nightly News, or seen her quoted in The New York Times, USA Today, or Huffington Post. Her expertise also recently landed Connie on the cover of Leadership Excellence magazine

Women’s Leadership Success Radio

womensLeadershipSuccess.podastCracking the Gender Communication Code
In this fast-paced, thought provoking interview with Connie Glazer, one of the leading experts on gender communications at work, discover that men and women have their own distinctive customs and rituals when talking, problem-solving and decision-making, especially in the business.

USA Today

USA Today logo“One School of Thought: Don’t Act Like a Piranha”
It used to be the job of the employees to make the boss look good, but now the roles have changed. Global expert on women’s leadership Connie Glaser’s “Swim with the Dolphins” addresses the pitfalls women find in the workplace. Written with Barbara Steinberg Smalley, the book explores necessary steps women can take to encourage promotion.

Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine logo“He Said, She Said”
Do men and women speak the same language? According to the book “More Power to You,” by global leadership expert Connie Glaser and co-author Barbara Steinberg Smalley, they don’t. Colleagues often misinterpret the body language and means of communication used by women. The empathetic nature of women makes them often follow statements with disclaimers or negative verbal cues, which cause others to not take them seriously.

Huffington Post

Huffington Post logo“In the Workplace, What Women Can Learn From Men?”
Expert speaker Connie Glaser supports that women need to promote themselves and improve their visibility, which will lead to more success in the workplace. Statistics show that more women are earning college degrees, employment opportunities, and climbing the corporate ladder more rapidly than men. Although women are having more success in the employment process there is still a persistent wage gap between genders.

Atlanta Business Chronicle

Atlanta Business Journal lo“Glaser Cracks Gender Code of Communication”
Men and women are complete opposites when it comes to communication, says global leadership expert Connie Glaser. Women are indirect communicators who use more non-verbal cues, while men communicate more directly by using authority in conversations. There is a barrier between the genders when understanding relations in the workplace. Women are generally more empathetic, which comes off as a weakness to men.

The Times of India

Times of India logoHuge Job Opportunity for Women: Expert
Expert speaker Connie Glaser met college students and women entrepreneurs during an interactive session organized at the Chamber Bhawan in Ranchi, India. Connie’s message inspired women about opportunity across the globe, and encourage them to take advantage of these opportunities. She stressed that women should never give up professional goals. “The society and family have a lot of expectation from a woman but we should not allow it to dominate and try our best to overcome the problem,” Connie says.