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Connie’s books have been translated into over a dozen languages and are among the most widely-read and influential books on Leadership and Communications.

GenderTalk Works

“Practical advice for bridging the gender gap at work and promoting a more inclusive environment. In today’s working and marketplace environment, GenderTalk Works will definitely promote greater understanding between men and women.”

Doug Lattner, Chairman & CEO
Deloitte Consulting LLP

“Connie Glaser has written an engaging and extraordinarily useful guide for workplace communications. Calvert will benefit from having this tool available to our managers and associates.”

Barbara Krumsiek, President & CEO
Calvert Group Ltd.

“We welcome GenderTalk Works as an insightful step forward in the ongoing dialogue between men and women as colleagues.”

Ed Nusbaum, CEO
Grant Thorton LLP

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More Power To You

“Concise, compelling and complete–a brilliantly communicated resource on a critically important issue: the power of communication. I recommend it to every woman who wants to hone her skills in this area.”

Anne Bryant, Executive Director
American Association of University Women

“Teaches women effective methods to communicate in the workplace and bridge the gender gap – offer specific strategies for meetings, speeches, and job interviews.”

Atlanta Journal & Constitution

Swim With The Dolphins

Connie Glaser Swim with the DolphinsRanked Among the Top Ten Books on Women In Business

“SWIM WITH THE DOLPHINS provides a well-researched case for the strengths and talents of women managers and is an inspiration for all striving to break through the glass ceiling.”

Fort Worth Star Telegram

“Briskly written and worthy of being broadcast — Any manager could profit from this book.”

USA Today

When Money Isn’t Enough

Connie Glaser When Money Isn't Enough book
“A brilliant book. The examples are compelling and the road map in Chapter 11 is peerless – A great book with a great message. Wish I could have read it 25 years ago.”

Tom Peters, Author
In Search of Excellence

“At a time when so many external signposts seem to measure only material accomplishments, the authors prove that for many of us there are alternatives that are far more enduring and infinitely more fulfilling.”

Judy Woodruff
News Anchor, CNN/em>

What Queen Esther Knew

Connie Glaser What Queen Esther Knew book
“Great accolades for What Queen Esther Knew. I believe we can all learn valuable lessons from Esther about commitment, priorities and faith. When I’m faced with tasks demanding wisdom and courage far beyond my own, Esther’s story reminds me to focus on what’s most important in life. You have captured that essence in this book. Congratulations.”

Senator Elizabeth Dole

“Connie Glaser and Barbara Smalley pull together useful advice for every woman trying to make her way in the working world. With the Bible’s inspirational Queen Esther as a role model, they offer solutions that have stood the toughest test of all: time.”

Judy Woodruff, CNN prime anchor and
Senior correspondent