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“Connie Glaser is that rare being: a dynamic, exciting, and motivating speaker.”
— American Women in Radio and Television

connie-glaser-more-power-to-you-book-cover-newPOWER UP! AND COMMUNICATE FOR SUCCESS
Women’s Leadership and the Language of Power
Ideal for: Women’s Conferences, Professional Development, Women’s Network Events

What are the secrets that successful people know–to persuade, to influence, to be heard? Connie reveals them all! You’ll walk away from this presentation knowing how to cultivate Executive Presence by communicating with greater confidence and clout. You’ll have a crystal-clear understanding of the differences in communication styles between men and women. You’ll be able to pinpoint speech patterns that can sabotage your credibility. Discover your communication strengths, as well as how to use these to your advantage — both personally and professionally. Read More


Cracking The Gender Communications Code!
Ideal for: Diversity & Inclusion, Sales, Employee Resource Groups

Men may be from Mars; Women may be from Venus, but your company is on Planet Earth, where the genders need to work together! In today’s workplace, diversity is the dominant buzzword, and men and women working together, swapping ideas as equals and sharing power has become the norm. But this level playing field is not without its issues. Because men and women lead, communicate and even view power in different ways, misunderstandings are inevitable. In this compelling program, Glaser presents a new framework for “deciphering” subtle codes and offers valuable insights for improving workplace collaboration. Read More


The New Paradigm for Women Leaders
Ideal for: Motivational Keynote for Women’s Conference or Leadership Event

Traditionally, working in corporate America was like swimming in a pool of sharks. Command-and-control was the watchword of the day, but this tough, arrogant, and often ruthless management style felt foreign to most women. Fortunately, today a new style of leadership is dominating the waters. The Dolphin is highly intelligent…a gifted communicator…a caring and decisive leader. In fact Dolphins have the very characteristics that companies require in today’s ever-changing global environment. Read More


Through the Looking Glass of Media
Ideal for: Women’s History Month, Diversity & Inclusion, Women’s Leadership Events

Join Connie on an unforgettable trip down Media Lane to chart the evolution of women and diversity at work. Described as “upbeat and uplifting,” this interactive multi-media presentation captures the changing workplace as portrayed by Madison Avenue and Hollywood. You’ll marvel at just how far women and diversity have come! Inspiring. Informative. Highly entertaining! Read More


connie-glaser-video_button_espnCONNIE GLASER is the country’s leading expert on Leadership and Communications. A best-selling author and columnist, she has appeared on the Today Show, CNN, and NBC Nightly News. A dynamic speaker, Connie has keynoted at top women’s forums around the globe with clients including FedEx, AT&T, Time Warner, McKinsey, Johnson & Johnson, Xerox, ESPN, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and the U.S. Navy.

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