Cracking The Gender Communications Code!

Ideal for: Diversity and Inclusion, Sales Conferences, Employee Resource Groups, Leadership Events

Connie Glaser Gender Talk Works BookMen may be from Mars; Women may be from Venus, but your company is on Planet Earth, where the genders need to work together! In today’s workplace, diversity is the dominant buzzword, and men and women working together, swapping ideas as equals and sharing power has become the norm. But this level playing field is not without its issues. Because men and women lead, communicate and even view power in different ways, misunderstandings are inevitable. In this compelling program, Glaser presents a new framework for “deciphering” subtle codes and offers valuable insights for improving workplace collaboration.

She says something at a meeting and it’s ignored. Later, he says the same thing and it’s applauded. What happened? Men and women use language differently. And they often misunderstand each other as a result. The communication rules of the workplace have changed, and failure to play by the new rules can create misunderstanding and conflict. Based on Connie’s bestseller, GenderTalk Works, this presentation offers a blueprint for the new workplace – with clear, accessible steps to promote inclusiveness and gender diversity. Bottom line: it’s all about appreciating and celebrating our differences, so that both men and women—as well as the companies they work for—can thrive.

Topics include:
• Male vs Female Communication Styles
• Secret Weapons for Cracking the Code
• Meetings: Who Gets Heard, Who Gets Credit
• Invisible Conversational “Rituals”
• Sign Language (HeMail, SheMail)
• The Transcendent Power of Humor
• Celebrating Differences to Promote Inclusiveness

“FedEx’s goal of diversity in the workplace will be well-served! Connie Glaser treats this important subject with humor, great insight, and a keen understanding of both genders.” — David Bronczek, CEO, FedEx Express

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