The New Paradigm for Women Leaders

Ideal For: Motivational Keynote for Women’s Conference or Leadership Event.

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 8.30.04 PM“Informative, insightful, and inspiring!”

Traditionally, working in corporate America was like swimming in a pool of sharks. Command-and-control was the watchword of the day, but this tough, arrogant, and often ruthless management style felt foreign to most women. Fortunately, today a new style of leadership is dominating the waters. The Dolphin is highly intelligent…a gifted communicator…a caring and decisive leader. In fact Dolphins have the very characteristics that companies require in today’s ever-changing global environment.

A new breed of women leaders is now succeeding in corporate America—not by emulating sharks, but by building on their own inherent strengths as Dolphins. They thrive in teams organized around networks. They view themselves as leaders rather than bosses. And they know that their bottom line will grow faster in a flexible workplace where people feel valued. This presentation is based on Connie’s groundbreaking, best-seller, Swim with the Dolphins, which reassures audiences that morphing into sharp-toothed predators is no longer a pre-requisite to making a big splash as a leader.

Topics include:
• The Dolphin vs Shark Mentality
• Navigating Choppy Corporate Waters
• Harnessing the Power of Mentors and Sponsors
• Getting on the Radar Screen!
• Communicating with the Voice of Leadership
• Leveraging your Inherent Strengths
• Dolphins as the “Wave” of the Future

“Connie’s powerful and engaging message inspires women to elevate their game.” — FedEx

“Connie’s presentation was an astounding success.” — Deloitte

“It is rewarding to work with someone as gifted and insightful as Connie.” — Kimberly-Clark

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