Through the Looking Glass of Media

Ideal for: Women’s History Month, Diversity & Inclusion, Women’s Leadership events

Join Connie on an unforgettable trip down Media Lane to chart the evolution of women and diversity at work. Described as “upbeat and uplifting,” this interactive multi-media presentation captures the changing workplace as portrayed by Madison Avenue and Hollywood. You’ll marvel at just how far women and diversity have come! Inspiring. Informative. Highly entertaining!

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Long lauded for her knack to wow audiences and address challenging issues with insight and humor, Connie has created the perfect program to celebrate the advances of women and diversity. This innovative program chronicles women in the workplace over the last half-century – through the lens of the media. From Rosie the Riveter to today’s techno-woman, prepare to be inspired, informed, and entertained!

The perfect program to celebrate women’s achievements and diversity!

“Excellent presentation – the organization is still buzzing. It was a home run!” — Bristol-Myers Squibb

“Your presentation was a huge hit!” — FedEx

“I’m still flying high from the energy of your program!” — Environmental Protection Agency

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