Women’s Leadership and the Language of Power

Ideal for: Women’s Conferences, Professional Development, Women’s Network Events

connie-glaser-more-power-to-you-book-cover-newWhat are the secrets that successful people know–to persuade, to influence, to be heard? Connie reveals them all! You’ll walk away from this presentation knowing how to cultivate Executive Presence by communicating with greater confidence and clout. You’ll have a crystal-clear understanding of the differences in communication styles between men and women. You’ll be able to pinpoint speech patterns that can sabotage your credibility. Discover your communication strengths, as well as how to use these to your advantage– both personally and professionally.

Do you ever feel as if you’re not being taken seriously or not given the credit you deserve? To achieve positions of leadership, you must be able to communicate with the language of power. This is a language in which Connie Glaser is fluent! In this hands-on presentation, based on her bestselling book, More Power To You, she’ll show you how to overcome the sabotage traps that can undermine credibility. You’ll also learn to develop the speech patterns, gestures, and executive presence to command the attention you want…and guarantee the success you deserve.


Key Take-Aways Include:
• Avoiding the 7 Self-Sabotage Traps
• Projecting Confidence (even when you don’t feel it!)
• The Essence of Executive Presence
• Tooting Your Horn without Blowing It
• Body Language Louder than Words
• Taking Credit for Your Accomplishments
• And more!

“Your presentation was an astounding success and your dynamic style captivated the group. Other organizations would certainly benefit from your timely message and motivating presence.” — Deloitte

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